Shelina Janmohamed: Ogilvy Noor

21 : 02 : 2017 Retail Futures Forum : Modest Wear : Muslim

The story about Generation M is that these are young Muslims crying out to buy products and services and spend their money with the brands that can respond to their needs.

Shelina Janmohamed, vice-president of Ogilvy Noor

The vice-president of Islamic branding consultancy Ogilvy Noor explains why modest wear is a huge market worth tapping into and how it can appeal beyond the Muslim market.

What this means to your brand

1. Think of the bigger picture and the wider audience. Consumers want products marketed beyond media-driven stereotypes.

2. Don’t underestimate the impact of influencers. Social media has been central to the growth of modest wear.

3. Muslim consumers experience a unique set of daily tensions. Talk to them and find out how you can address those needs.

4. Think empowerment rather than covering up. It’s important to understand modest wear as a lifestyle choice as much as a religious necessity.

5. Don’t just single out events such as Ramadan to create a collection. Muslim consumers want brands to serve their needs throughout the year.