Dr Helen Crowley: Kering

28 : 02 : 2017 Kering : Whole-System Thinking : Sustainability

People are feeling the impacts of this volatile world and they want to know what companies are doing in the face of these global challenges.

Dr Helen Crowley, head of sustainable sourcing innovation, Kering

The head of sustainable sourcing innovation at Kering explains why brands need to be open about sustainable innovation and outlines the challenges of talking about the subject in the luxury sector.

What this means to you brand

1. According to Dr Crowley, consumers are now beginning to feel the impact of climate change and this is driving the demand for brands to act more responsibly.

2. So don’t think about your sustainability policies in isolation, but use benchmarking to see how they compare with competitors. Consumers already are.

3. Transparency and sustainability work hand in hand. Improving your brand’s eco-credentials is only the start. You then have to work out how to tell that story.

4. For a sector such as luxury, the ethos of which is based around the rarity of the materials it uses, the challenge is how to market sustainability coherently within that context.

5. Brands should not only speak to consumers. Climate change has to be tackled on an industry-wide scale, so it’s counterintuitive to keep innovations secret.