Jozef Youssef: Kitchen Theory

11 : 10 : 2016 Multisensory : Kitchen Theory : Experimental Gastronomy

We are not looking at how we can manipulate people’s perceptions, but at better understanding the connections that already exist, such as that between colour and taste.

Jozef Youssef, founder and chef patron, Kitchen Theory

The founder of Kitchen Theory, a multisensory gastronomy design studio, explains the value of investigating how we interpret flavour and the different ways our senses can be augmented to play with taste.

What this means to your brand

1. Expand your horizons. You need to stimulate more senses than just consumers’ palates to create truly engaging gastronomic experiences.

2. Go back to school. Kitchen Theory collaborates with leading researchers such as Oxford University professor Charles Spence.

3. Culturally colour match. Youssef explains how the hues associated with certain tastes differ from country to country.

4. Ethically augment. Kitchen Theory’s work explores tactics for redesigning food to improve eating habits.

5. Mix science with theatre. Kitchen Theory’s events aren’t merely entertainment, they also act as research experiments and educational workshops.

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