Steven Lammertink: Cirqle

26 : 07 : 2016 Steven Lammertink : Influencer Marketing : Cirqle

When people want to view content that someone is producing, and that content relates to your brand, you’re practically advertising in a way that’s non-invasive.

Steven Lammertink, ‎founder and CEO, Cirqle

Speaking at Decoded London 2016, Steven Lammertink explained how Cirqle makes it easy for brands to connect with influencers, and to effectively extend their reach among a target audience.

What this means to your brand

1. Stop using banner ads. With the rise of the Ad-Blocker market consumers are screening out traditional advertising messages.

2. Trust influencers. People now place value in other people rather than brands when thinking of buying a product or service.

3. Think about engagement. The true success of a campaign is measured in terms of engagement with the right target audience.

4. Track in real time. Platforms such as Cirqle now enable brands to monitor influencer campaigns on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Analytics and Pinterest.

5. Experiment with platforms. Snapchat might now have a similar level of metrics as YouTube, but it’s still worth investing in the channel.

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