Emily Forbes: Seenit

07 : 06 : 2016 Seenit : Emily Forbes : Citizen Journalism

The people in the crowd were the most passionate and the most knowledgeable about their situation. I realised that they should be the ones telling their story, not me.

Emily Forbes, co-founder, Seenit

Emily Forbes, co-founder of Seenit, describes how she discovered the power of citizen journalism as well as the need to make content easier for brands to source and integrate. She explains how her platform makes it possible to tap into voices on the front line and why broadcasters should to learn to be more reactive.

What this means to your brand

1. Real people value real talk. They are the best placed to deliver it too, so create systems that make it easy for them to contribute to your media output.

2. In an age of social media, reactive content is king. But as Forbes points out, brands that only respond with overly-polished media will lose the trust of their audience.

3. The days of broadcasting a message are over. Consumers expect to have a two-way conversation with media organisations. Make them part of the story.

4. Go behind the scenes. As Seenit’s collaboration with the BBC proved, giving subjects the opportunity to film themselves will give you more authentic content.

5. Find your filter. Now that everyone is a content-creator, sourcing the right people to tell your brand story has become the challenge.