Neil McFarland: VR gaming

05 : 01 : 2016 Gaming : Ustwo Studio : Samsung Gear VR
Neil McFarland Inform

With something as magical as VR we felt it was wrong to let first-person shooting games become the message when there are so many other worlds you can create.

Neil McFarland, director of games , ustwo

Co-founder of digital design studio ustwo tells us about Land’s End, his game for the Samsung Gear system, and the shape of virtual reality (VR) gaming. 

According to McFarland, the social possibilities of VR are ripe for development. As the market is relatively new, there is great opportunity for innovative designers to explore different aesthetics and functions to push the field forward.

Top five take-outs

1. Early VR experiences imitated other mediums, but VR is now building its own language.

2. VR gaming offers possibilities for fresh creativity and more ethical awareness in game design.

3. The VR experiences can enable less competitive and more meditative experiences.

4. Soft, gentle environments will be capable of creating powerful emotions due to the immersive nature of the technology.

5. The new parameter in VR design is nausea-triggering movement – a novel criteria for game designers.