Nick Gray: Hacking institutions for the better

10 : 11 : 2015 Culture : Storytelling : Museums
​Nick Grey Inform

What I like about the word ‘hack’ is that it means you know the system so well you can re-organise it to fit your needs.

Nick Gray, founder, Museum Hack

Nick Gray describes how his museum tours for friends grew through referrals until he became a go-to source for institutions and clients in need of a storytelling refresher.

Top five take-outs

1. Ignite your passion. When you start things for fun they convey a genuine, contagious energy.

2. Be brave. Institutions can appear exclusive, but museums and their contents should be yours to re-interpret.

3. Start small, think big. Despite their initial hesitance, big clients often want to work with fresh thinkers.

4. Collaborate. Explain to partner institutions how your proposal can fit with their in-house offers rather than threaten them.

5. Emphasise outreach. Show how your creative approach can help organisations reach new audiences.