Linda Rodin: Ageless authenticity

03 : 06 : 2014 Flat Agers : Boomer Beauty : The Athena Woman
Model and skincare entrepreneur Linda Rodin

Linda Rodin never thought of herself as an entrepreneur or a trailblazer. But six years ago, the stylist and former boutique owner began mixing up a blend of oils in her kitchen, solely to satisfy her own beauty needs and to make gifts for friends. Word spread and a business was born. The goal was to hydrate the skin and create a luminous complexion without making exaggerated anti-ageing claims.

Today, her RODIN brand includes 12 products and is distributed worldwide. She views neither her customers nor those in her social circle as confined by traditional demographic categories. ‘I’ve appealed to so many people: young models, friends with daughters, people who are 94 and everybody in between,’ she says.

And yet she sees her success as owing in part to her image as a Baby Boomer, speaking to women in a way most brands don’t. ‘I think if I were 30, 40 or even 50 not many people would be that interested. I think I unknowingly landed on something,’ she says. ‘Women sometimes come up to me who are certainly my age and older and say, ‘God, you’re such an icon, thank you for taking us seriously and I love your product.’ That’s crazy to me.’

Top five take-outs

1. Speak directly to women over 50. Don’t try to sell them products with images of 20something models.

2. Help women to embrace age. ‘I get very scared of the alternative,’ says Rodin, ‘not meaning death, meaning a bad facelift.’

3. Ageless style inspires. Women of all ages connect with confidence and passion for products.

4. Celebrate second-act entrepreneurs. They prove age doesn’t mean slowing down.

5. Look back. Rodin has released a perfume inspired by her mother in the 1950s. ‘I think women will embrace it, young or old,’ she tells LS:N Global.

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