Action man: Holiday is an adventure for Amortals

26 : 12 : 2013 Amortal : Boomers : Men

LS:N Global’s typical Amortal, a member of our active tribe of Boomer men, has spent 2013 launching a business, pursuing passion projects and keeping fit. As the holidays roll around, he is making time for family but also looking forward to new resolutions for 2014.

For a start, he is planning a Superstar Trek – an outdoor adventure he has been training for over the past few months. His idea of luxury travel is not a pampered cruise, it’s a physical feat that proves his stamina. As a holiday gift, he’ll be treating himself to a car, such as the BMW Active Tourer, that’s built for adventure.

Our Amortal isn’t worried about simply looking young. In order to keep himself in shape, he’s fighting ageing at a cellular level, reading up on the latest anti-ageing science to see whether testosterone therapy or telomere drugs are the best choice. Beauty brands that fight stress based on telomere science should take note of Amortals’ interest in this field and adjust their message to men accordingly.

Just because our Amortal man is interested in health, however, doesn’t mean he wants to feel like a medical experiment. As a stocking stuffer, he might appreciate a supplement product such as Strong, which appeals to health-conscious consumers with visual metaphors. He likes health choices to be backed up with data, but also appreciates the human touch of products designed along the lines of Emotional Technology.

He’s also concerned about maintaining his mental faculties, and might enjoy gadgets such as InteraXon’s Muse headband or brain-training apps such as Lumosity.

LS:N Global wishes our Amortal a joyous holiday season and a healthy, active 2014.

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