Clean and simple: A grooming range for Re-con Man

19 : 11 : 2013 Branding : Masculine : No-Bollocks Boutique

Barto, Pennsylvania – Crux Supply Co knows that men don’t want to spend a long time searching for grooming products. They want understated simplicity with a hint of masculinity, and the company’s grooming products are just that.

They don’t rely on frills or frippery to sell to men, rather the labels are simple and straightforward with names such as Shave Soap and ‘Stache Wax, so that there is no confusion about what a product is or does. Batch numbers and straightforward ingredients listed in a typewriter-style font result in a heritage, industrial feel.

‘At Crux Supply Co we believe that quality outlives notoriety, heritage outshines glamour and integrity solidifies personality,’ says the company. ‘All men seek to weave their own tales of adventure and daring. And while we believe that men are made of what’s inside, a dash of dapper never hurt.’

Re-con Men are redefining their masculinity and are seeking No-Bollocks Boutique products. For more on the aesthetics of beauty products catering for such reconstituted males, read our Man-dustrial design direction.

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