Maple moment: Whiskey brand appeals to both genders

21 : 10 : 2013 Liquor : Whiskey : Boozette Brands

Hudson Whiskey’s new Maple Cask Rye re-invents a traditionally masculine drink with design cues that appeal to both genders.

Hudson Whiskey, US Hudson Whiskey, US
Hudson Whiskey, US Hudson Whiskey, US

The family New York distillery, which specialises in small-batch, hand-made whiskey, created its new blend via co-commerce. It swapped used whiskey barrels for maple syrup barrels from two companies, Noble and Wood’s. The result was a limited-release maple syrup-infused rye, packaged in Hudson Whiskey’s signature stout glass bottle.

Hudson is the first whiskey distillery to operate in New York since prohibition. Its packaging, including its pared-back labelling, eschews the overtly masculine branding that characterises most whiskies, making it attractive to the growing numbers of women interested in the drink.

For more information on how drinks brands can reach out to women, see our microtrend Boozette Brands.

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