Disco fever: Pizzeria with pizzazz

13 : 10 : 2013 Restaurant : Dicso Ball : Pizzeria

Vienna – Design studio Madame Mohr’s brief for the interiors of Austrian pizza restaurant Disco Volante was to create a space that evoked both a southern Napoli pizzeria and the Italian disco era of the 70s and 80s. The result is a classic pizzeria with a rotating giant disco ball oven.

Wood-burning ovens are often the focal point of pizza places, but at Disco Volante, the spinning disco ball oven is both a centrepiece and enhances the ambiance. During the evening, the restaurant lights are dimmed and multicoloured spotlights are turned on the multifaceted oven to create a disco of light across the white walls and ceiling. Elsewhere, architect Lukas Galehr used a light touch to reference Italy, with subtle flashes of the country’s flag and the high ceilings found in canteens in Naples.

While the rest of the restaurant’s interiors are minimalist, the bold use of a disco ball is a fine example of how an injection of Neo Kitsch can add fun and interest to a space.

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