The Epic Seed Yogurt The Epic Seed Yogurt
The Epic Seed Yogurt The Epic Seed Yogurt

Seeds of health: The yoghurt with added goodness

15 : 09 : 2013 Food Futures : Omega 3 : Chia

New York – One glance at the shelves in a grocery store, and you might think that yoghurt is a saturated market. Nevertheless, a new brand, The Epic Seed, was recently launched in the US and is unique in that it contains chia seeds, the latest hot product in the health foods world.

Yoghurt is seen as a mainstay of a wholesome diet, providing protein and probiotic benefits for good digestive health. But The Epic Seed’s inclusion of chia, an ancient seed eaten by Mayans, adds omega-3 and fibre that plain yoghurt lacks.

The packaging of the product highlights its powerful ingredients with hand-drawn illustrations that tell consumers just how good The Epic Seed is. It contains the equivalent protein to three eggs, more omega-3 oils than a portion of salmon, and more fibre than an apple.

‘The idea was to graphically depict all the nutritional benefits that each container of The Epic Seed promises,’ says Little Big Brands, the design firm behind the look.

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