Cooler Cucumbers: Ceramic containers store veg for longer

01 : 09 : 2013 Vegetables : Drink Storage : Food Storage

Madrid – OLTU is an innovative system by industrial product designer Fabio Molinas which reconfigures a traditional refrigerator, by storing the fruit and vegetables on the top.

Molinas designed a set of ceramic containers which harness the heat that emits from the top of a fridge. They have clay walls with a space in-between which holds water. The water cools as the hot air travels up, making the container the perfect temperature for fresh food that often becomes mushy in a too-cold fridge.

‘How many times have we thrown rotting vegetables away?’ asks the designer on his website. ‘We are obsessed with storing everything in the fridge, but what few people know is that this is not always the best way to keep food fresh. Fruit and vegetables require a set of conditions which help to keep these products fresher for longer.’ The OLTU fridge could fit in perfectly with the future home we envisioned in our Future Family macrotrend, where smart devices will lead to more sustainable living.

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