Cvlt Pizza Cvlt Pizza
Cvlt Pizza Cvlt Pizza
Cvlt Pizza Cvlt Pizza

Heaven's plate: Pizzeria wants patrons to believe

23 : 07 : 2013 Fast Food : Pyramid : Masonry

Grand Rapids, Michigan – Farm to table pizza restaurant CVLT PIZZ∆ (Cult Pizza) has been given an enigmatic look that ironically hints at dark secrets behind its crispy crusts.

Local creative agency Nice, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has taken the ‘cult’ idea to extremes. Bumper stickers, menus and membership cards are written in a stark typeface that suggests a coded message. An all-seeing eye reminiscent of Masonic symbolism peers out from an image of a slice of pizza, displaced from its usual home inside a pyramid. Posters of Rasputin and David Koresh greet presumably brainwashed diners.

‘We are a group of pizza pioneers aiming to enlighten pizza lovers and eliminate the mundane,’ employees declare in a Glitch infomercial. Viewers are then encouraged to join the cult by paying a $150 (€114, £98) membership fee, entitling them to one free pizza per month for a year.

More brands are using instantly recognisable, stylised emblems, often with subtle occult influence. For more, see our Emblematic design direction.

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