Trend Briefing teaser: XX v XY microsite is live

04 : 07 : 2013 Trend Briefing : Female Consumers : Male Consumers

London – LS:N Global has launched our XX v XY microsite featuring teaser content to whet your appetite and get your mental juices flowing before our Autumn/Winter 2013 Trend Briefing.

The site features talking heads of LS:N Global experts and subscribers offering opinions on gender-related subjects ranging from pornography to whether men can have it all. More film shorts and viral content will be released in the run-up to the event.

‘The campaign starting point was all about creating a momentum for a battle,’ says The Future Laboratory creative director Kirsty Minns. ‘In this case the battle of the sexes. We felt that we wanted to come from a stance that was much more underground, a quiet revolution. So a mysterious symbol was developed to suggest a secret ritual, a secret society.’ 

For more intrigue surrounding our forthcoming Trend Briefing, take a look at the microsite, or book your place.