The F-word: Network Evening explores Womenomics

21 : 06 : 2013 Luxury : Age : Boomer

London – Porn or romance? Is feminism a dirty word? These were just some of the questions posed at LS:N Global’s Womenomics Network Evening last night, as we explored what it means to be a woman in the 21st century.

Marking the 50th anniversary of The Feminine Mystique and preparing the ground for LS:N Global’s autumn/winter 2013 Trend Briefing XX v XY, speakers and guests reflected on the transformation of women’s lives since its publication and discussed game-changing projects in the capital, capturing the attention of this increasingly powerful consumer group.

New physicality 

Collyn Ahart, brand consultant and strategist at Wieden + Kennedy, joined us to talk about new movements in sport and women. ‘The way to engage with the female market in sport is to create relationships between women. Brands that can forge friendships, girl crushes and teams will resonate,’ she explained. 

Interested women 

Debbi Evans, publisher and founder of new thinking women’s glossy magazine Libertine, discussed the opportunity for media presented by interested women. For more about the launch of the magazine, read our Inform feature. 

Gender agenda 

Niamh Corbett, vice-president of investment banking at Morgan Stanley and member of the 30% Club, which is dedicated to bringing more women on to corporate boards, spoke about the systemic and sociological issues that women face. 

A Room of One’s Own 

Amanda Carr and Jane Kellock, co-founders of The Women’s Room blog, offered their insight into what older women want and why brands need to communicate to Boomers better. 

‘Boomer women are a hugely valuable market, and brands are not monetising them effectively,’ said Carr. 

Luxury Womenomics 

Our insight editor Hannah Stodell outlined how savvy luxury brands are adopting a feminist outlook with initiatives that promote a strong, powerful image of women to appeal to today’s affluent female consumers. 

Keep an eye on the Seed section next week for video interviews of speakers from the evening.

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