Fork lift: Cutlery aids motor skills step by step

09 : 01 : 2013 Movement : Evolution : Dexterity

Eindhoven – Designer Mickael Boulay has created Transitions, a range of cutlery designed to help the physically handicapped regain motor skills.

People who suffer from movement disorders may be able to make a simple fist grip, but be unable to hold a standard fork. Together with physiotherapist Yvonne van Woerkum, Boulay worked with a motor-impaired child to find the most usable basic cutlery designs.

He then created intermediate versions to help users improve dexterity and progress towards using regular cutlery. Laid side by side, the designs suggest digital morphing or an evolutionary process. ‘At every step of the process, my cutlery aims to make people confident and comfortable with improving their current condition,’ he says. 

At a time when health products for the home increasingly involve a deluge of data, Boulay creates intuitive objects, such as a blood sugar monitor that delivers results with a glowing light. 

See our InPatients tribe for more health-related innovations for the home.

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