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01 : 01 : 2013 LS:N Global : Self Quants : Raspberry Pi

London – If LS:N Global made devices, software or consumer technology, they would make your life easier, richer and more convenient. They would also shield you from the Personal Information Economy, and provide a little of The New Sublimity where necessary.

Raspberry PI Raspberry PI

Ubiquitous Gaming Culture has entered mainstream culture since our forecast in early 2011. LS:N Global’s product would gamify a more practical task, just like Mint Digital’s Dough Globe.

As lifestyle diseases become more common, people will need to find more calming ways of Self-Quantifying. LS:N Global’s device would take inspiration from the Measuring Less to Feel More project, and would give sufferers of chronic illness a more tranquil experience.

Provenance of food has never been more important, and LS:N Global would enable people to check the origins of their ingredients, and scan for foreign bodies in food in the same way as this device from Lapka.

LS:N Global’s technologies would be part of the connected world. You would be able to link them up and control them remotely with the Pebble watch.

Using this flexible battery by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, LS:N Global would be able to make malleable devices that can bend into wearable gadgets.

Unlike those of some technology producers, a device by LS:N Global would be hackable and easy to modify, just like the Raspberry Pi.

LS:N Global’s device would herald a new era in technological manufacturing, and envisage a more localised electronics industry. Just like O.Update by RCA graduates Hannes Harms, Alex du Preez and Peter Krige, LS:N electronics would be 3D-printable and would enable consumers to assemble products at home, cutting out lengthy supply chains that are costly to the environment and the company.

If LS:N Global made… 2012 is a series of reports reflecting the LS:N Global team’s pick of the best innovations of the year, and those that are most relevant for consumers in 2013.

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