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That's a wrap: If LS:N Global madeÉ Branding & Packaging

27 : 12 : 2012 Transparency : Transformative Packaging : Kaizen Living

London – Unwrapping a package designed by LS:N Global would be an interactive experience. The wrapping would be transformative, the aesthetic influenced by the surreal and transparency would be paramount.

Mexican studio Anagrama would design the visual identity using a digitally surreal kaleidoscope of vivid colours and gradients.

Transparency would be key, as illustrated in the Back to Front trend we reported when we visited Luxe Pack in October, and the product itself would not take a back seat. Further appealing to the Kaizen consumer, the graphics and typography would use visual colour codes and symbols to show how the product inside works.

The packaging would, of course, be transformative. Apple patented transformative packaging for the iPhone this year and LS:N Global would use a similar idea so that once finished protecting what’s inside, the packaging could be adapted for multiple uses, as in The Traveler’s Paper Kit by Seoul-based studio 0100.

Finally, the packaging would be printed with conductive ink to connect the paper to the internet, and would be designed by Field Guide.

LS:N Global’s packaging would never run out of uses. It would begin as part of the structure of the store interior and then would be treasured as a keepsake.

If LS:N Global made… 2012 is a series of reports reflecting the LS:N Global team’s pick of the best innovations of the year, and those that are most relevant for consumers in 2013.

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