Bike map: New site targets Travel & Hospitalityling cyclists

19 : 09 : 2012 Man-ventures : Cyclists : Traveling

London and Leeds – Travelling cyclists in the UK have a friend in Pannier, a new online guide that connects weary cyclists with good places to stay.

Users can navigate maps of common routes, including Hadrian’s Cycleway and the 838-mile journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats to find information on nearby lodgings. Destinations such as Skye are introduced with expressive fonts and panoramic photos that give travellers a sense of the scenery in store.

With a rustic yet streamlined visual style, the site departs from the brash and busy aesthetic that dominates most sites focused on sport and the outdoors. A growing group of consumers prefers the relaxed feel of an Instagram photo to a slick visual promoting the latest muscle-enhancing supplement.

Companies are increasingly recognising that people interested in sport come from all walks of life, and are becoming more inclusive in their marketing. For more, see our New Football microtrend.

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