Clean shave: Men's salon opens in Amsterdam

14 : 09 : 2012 Interior : Classic : Salon

AmsterdamBarber, a men’s shaving salon, has opened in the Dutch capital and features a strikingly rough and raw style created by architect Ard Hoksbergen.

Offering signature treatments such as The Dude, The Obi-Wan and The Hemingway, Barber appeals to a classic masculine sensibility while tapping into the current trend towards stripped-down, industrial-style design.

A series of copper tubes, which Hoksbergen compares to ‘a giant cobweb’, cover the water and electricity pipes at Barber. White tiled walls and leather shaving chairs contribute to an environment that is clinical and convivial. White towels, raw wood and even the 19th-century store front, all contribute to this aesthetic.

Scientific or clinical touches reinforce the salon’s professional feel and focus attention on the quality of the services provided. They also encourage customers to perceive treatments as artisanal, personalised experiences.

For more, see our Sensoria design direction.

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