Tomorrow's world: Book shows a futuristic vision

23 : 08 : 2012 Design : DAAB : Futuristic Visions Of Future Living

International – A new book edited by Caroline Klein and professor Dr Stefanie Lieb celebrates the futuristic designs of 53 international architectural bureaux.

Futuristic – Visions Of Future Living, published by DAAB, investigates the world of tomorrow and offers a glimpse of the spaces that future generations will inhabit.

From green homes to underwater skyscrapers, the designers featured in this book have created buildings for a variety of future scenarios.

‘In the future, city high rises will reach into the skies like plants and feed by photosynthesis, while supplying their inhabitants with fresh air,’ predicts Lieb.

For more information about more flexible, sustainable homes, read our Future Family macrotrend.

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