News cube: Little Printer delivers square deal

01.12.2011 Little Printer : Analogue : News

London – Design studio BERG has announced the launch of a pint-sized printer called the Little Printer, which prints receipt-sized portions of news based on users’ preferences.

The Little Printer sifts through the web to assemble a series of bite-sized messages based on things its reader cares about. Users receive content such as birthday reminders, news, personal messages or pictures by configuring RSS subscriptions from a smartphone app.

‘Little Printer is more like a family member or a colleague than a tool,’ says BERG CEO Matt Webb. ‘Paper is like a screen that never turns off. You can stick it to the fridge or tuck it in your wallet. You can scribble on it or tear it and give it to a friend.’

For another example of how people are returning to analogue, read our Innovate on The Impossible Project.

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