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A defibrillator redesign helping the public to save lives, Boots’ anti-inflation pricing for personal care, and UK consumers prefer to shop local.

This tiny defibrillator bolsters public care

US – With sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) a global health concern, design firm NewDealDesign has created an accessible healthcare gadget that can provide a life-saving heart shock. The compact automated external defibrillator (AED), Avive, can easily be mounted on walls at home, in the workplace or in public, or can be carried during journeys.

To make the device more intuitive to use, Avive’s design takes inspiration from the shape and large screens of mobile devices, with an unmissable red tab for activation. While the device is currently under review by America's Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it has the potential to drastically improve SCA survival rates by allowing people without medical training to respond in advance of paramedic support. ‘[Other AEDs] look professional in the wrong way,’ says Gadi Amit, founder of NewDealDesign. ‘We wanted to make people feel like it was an iPhone: You could grab it and immediately relate to it.’

Here, both NewDealDesign and Avive have set an example to other healthcare providers by reworking a medical tool into something that is accessibly sized and can empower citizens to respond in emergencies. For similar innovations, look out for our exploration into Sidewalk Science, part of our upcoming Innovation Debrief report.

Strategic opportunity

Health and wellness brands should provide services and equipment that allow the public to deliver healthcare – and feel safe. Take cues from Avive and design health products in ways that feel familiar

Herbal gummies that deliver a taste of TCM

LF Herbify. Identity by Nicelab Studio, China LF Herbify. Identity by Nicelab Studio, China
LF Herbify. Identity by Nicelab Studio, China LF Herbify. Identity by Nicelab Studio, China

Los Angeles – While gummies are largely associated with vitamin and CBD brands, wellness company LF Herbify is shifting attention to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), with a range of functional gummies made with natural medicinal herbs.

To introduce the health benefits of herbal medicine to a younger, Western consumer, the company has enlisted the help of Beijing-based studio Nicelab to create its visual identity. The packaging of the brand’s two products has been designed to reflect their characteristics. Good Dream Candy, a natural sleep aid, comes in soothing shades of blue, whereas Hot Blood Sugar, a herbal stimulant to boost energy, is packaged in punchier shades of orange.

Created by four international students studying at the University of Southern California, LF Herbify’s mission is to introduce TCM to wider markets, amid growing acceptance of TCM practices by health authorities. By creating snackable gummies and using expressive packaging, the company is helping to reframe Asian food culture and wellness for global regions.

Strategic opportunity

How can ancestral knowledge be packaged in more modern formats? Consider the potential of gummies, patches and inhalers as a way to administer ancient ingredients

Boots freezes prices to protect its customers

UK – As consumers tighten their belts in the face of escalating prices, beauty and health retailer Boots is freezing the price of 1,500 products to ensure they remain affordable for its customers.

As part of the company’s Boots’ Price Lock Promise, the price of essential items such as toiletries, dental care, health and wellness products will remain stable until the end of the year. According to Retail Gazette, more than 11,000 products are available from the retailer for as little as £0.40 ($0.48, €0.46), with 100 lines priced at £1 ($1.20, €1.15) or less and 1,000 products at £2 ($2.40, €2.30) or under.

‘In pulling together the list of products to include in the Price Lock Promise, we reviewed the lines that customers buy most regularly as well as those that are deemed to be day-to-day essentials,’ explains Steve Ager, chief customer and commercial officer at Boots.

As a result of rising inflation and the cost of living crisis, consumers are more conscious about everyday expenses. Here, Boots is guaranteeing that its essential products are available to all customers, joining the ranks of other businesses that have created Retail-flation Responses.

Boots, UK

Strategic opportunity

Companies that are able to freeze prices for essential or popular items have an opportunity to reach and engage the public through social channels and influencers – how might your brand act upon this?

Stat: UK shoppers are prioritising local businesses

Petit Market by Nendo, Japan Petit Market by Nendo, Japan

With more UK citizens prioritising their local neighbourhoods and communities, many are opting to shop at independent businesses. Indeed, research by Simply Business shows that nearly nine in 10 (88%) of UK consumers prefer to shop at small, local or independent businesses rather than larger chains, or a mixture of small businesses together with larger chains.

In terms of their reasons, 41% said they liked being able to see that their money has a direct impact, while 39% said service is better with small and independent businesses. Meanwhile, the research also reveals that the type of businesses that perform well are those with clever names. Nearly a third (28%) said they would be more likely to shop at a business with a funny, witty or otherwise creative name.

These findings indicate the importance of communicating a sense of humanness through local retail, whether it’s through customer service or a memorable brand name. As we explore in Eco-venience Retail, retailers are increasingly reconsidering where their stores are situated, and shifting their operations to focus on Neighbourhood Networks.

Strategic opportunity

Small, local and independent businesses should embrace their position as community-centric spaces. Consider creating events or services specifically targeting the interests of the neighbourhood residents near your store or venue

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