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Underdays prioritises comfort over sex appeal, Collate is a provocation platform connecting experts and Snapchat presents beauty commerce opportunities.

Underdays shuns women’s sexy lingerie tropes

Underdays, UK
Underdays, UK
Underdays, UK

UK – Challenging the legacy lingerie market, Underdays prioritises comfort and functionality in its designs, which are inspired by 1990s ad campaigns. Driven by feedback from a diverse range of women, the disruptor brand offers underwear in three essential categories: Lingerie, Everyday and Workout. As part of its research, the founders assessed women's preferences when it comes to their undergarments, from stretchiness to lasting freshness and super-soft material.

Designed with inclusivity at its core, the brand offers sizes from XS to XXL, with plans to expand this further. In addition, it reframes conventional associations with underwear – a sector that is traditionally defined by hyper-sexualised branding and communications.We felt that customers were having to choose between overly sexualised designs or beige basics that didn’t connect with their personal style,says Oria Mackenzie, co-founder of Underdays.

By avoiding the stereotypes that have long existed in the lingerie market, Underdays taps into the genuine desires of its Millennial and Gen Z target audience. To discover more brands redesigning women's products, delve into our Femininity Rebranded design direction.

Strategic opportunity

Apparel brands, particularly those in the activewear sector, can take cues from Underdays and reframe tired, highly gendered designs and communications. Why not crowdsource your customers’ needs before designing new products?

This letter-writing platform provokes good conversations

Collate, UK Collate, UK
Collate, UK Collate, UK

UK – Described as a mash-up of Twitter and Letters to the Editor, Collate is an online space for capturing public conversations and opinions through the medium of digital letters.

Although social media platforms such as Twitter encourage people to share fleeting thoughts and opinions, Collate facilitates more considered interactions, allowing its users to write fully fleshed-out letters to public figures such as authors, academics, artists or their local MP. Our leaders have an abuse-free space to engage and the public [have] a place for access and scrutiny,’ explains the platform. By designing this controlled environment, Collate also empowers audiences and public figures to contribute to high-level debate, breaking through the echo chambers that mainstream social media have created.

Here, Collate is taking inspiration from the way people are using Twitter, creating a space for such voices to thrive independently. By tapping into demand for Provocation Platforms, this solution demonstrates the increasingly important role of knowledge, empathy and the emerging Expert Economy.

Strategic opportunity

Audiences are jaded by the half-baked opinions that run wild on the internet. Media and technology brands should create tools for stimulating healthy discussions – as well as aiding people's critical thinking skills in the process

South Korea brings a pre-tourism experience to the metaverse

Korea – South Koreas Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) are encouraging people to experience the country in the metaverse before visiting in person. The Come Play with Korea, K-VIBE Festa campaign allows visitors to create a personalised travel itinerary, featuring real tours and eateries, which the platform then combines into a short video reel.

Users can also enjoy a virtual concert by K-pop artists, as well as discover historic Korean sites within the virtual world of Zepeto. At a time when travel remains uncertain for many global audiences, this strategy offers an effective format for generating interest in visiting South Korea. Choongsub Oh, director of brand marketing at KTO, said: ‘The metaverse is a new eco-system that can break down national borders and make everyone's dreams and experiences come true.’

While this builds on the ideas from our Travel in 2030 scenario, we've also seen Singapore using streaming platform Twitch to virtually engage tourists. Both of these examples offer an evolution of E-tourism, where travel providers use gaming to excite customers before their trip.

Feel the Rhythm of Korea by Korea Tourism Organization (KTO)

Strategic opportunity

Travel brands should find ways to connect with potential tourists in the virtual spaces in which they frequent. How might your brand use metaverse platforms for before – and after – travel experiences?

Stat: Social media apps are being used as virtual mirrors

Spectra by The Unseen Beauty Spectra by The Unseen Beauty

There is growing potential for beauty brands to create camera-first strategies that capitalise on the digital behaviours of young people, according to research by Snap Inc. Lee Roberts, head of client partnerships UK at the company, notes that Gen Z and Millennials are using its Snapchat app – which is predominantly known as a photo-sharing platform – as a virtual mirror, and over 30 times a day.

‘Where we are today is about connecting the digital experience with the real world,’ says Roberts. ‘The camera has moved from a tool for fun to a tool to create, communicate and spend time to discover content and try products.’

With this in mind, beauty brands should consider the social commerce opportunities available in apps like Snapchat – considering branded filters and shareable looks. Beyond peer-to-peer interactions, such strategies also point towards growing opportunities for product discovery through algorithmic interactions.

Strategic opportunity

Brands operating in the beauty and health and wellness sectors should think about social apps like Snapchat as a core part of the customer journey. How might you use the camera function to promote exclusive content?

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