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Milan promotes a slower approach to business travel, Anghami Labs’ immersive Arabic music spaces and young UK employees lack mental resilience.

Milan’s bleisure campaign entices nomadic workers

Not in Milano by Yes Milano

Milan – Seeking to reignite the appeal of business travel, tourism promoter Yes Milano is highlighting bleisure trips in its latest campaign. Titled Not in Milano, the international campaign positions the Italian city of Milan as being key destination for enjoyable business trips. Purposely showcasing a slower approach to business travel, the core idea is to highlight how workers can soak up the city while also being there for work.

By rejecting stereotypes associated with business travel, this initiative engages audiences through lifestyle cues that are usually reserved for pleasure-based travel. In turn, this strategy also supports Milan’s long-term approach to tourism. ‘The goal is to increase the quality of tourism here, rather than the number of tourists,’ comments Luca Martinazzoli, general manager of Milano & Partners, the official promotional agency of the city. ‘Being mainly driven by business purposes, this type of tourism is sustainable with the city.’

While business travel has been largely halted during the pandemic, ongoing remote arrangements mean that there are fresh opportunities to connect with Wandering Workers.

Strategic opportunity

From hotels to restaurants, leisure and hospitality venues can take new approaches to bleisure tourism by providing spaces for co-working, convenient dining options, or itineraries that encourage a balance of work and leisure

Frank Ocean’s luxury brand embodies cultural clout

Homer by Frank Ocean, photographed by Tyrone Lebon Homer by Frank Ocean, photographed by Tyrone Lebon
Homer by Frank Ocean Homer by Frank Ocean

US and Italy – The musician is building on his cultural influence with the launch of luxury company, Homer. Its inaugural collection features hand-crafted fine jewellery and printed silk scarves. Inspired by Frank Ocean’s childhood obsessions, the colourful products – including enamelled necklaces, diamond collars and gold rings – have been collated and shot for a catalogue, with imagery photographed by Ocean and his creative collaborator Tyrone Lebon.

To bring the brand to life in a physical setting, the musician has also opened an appointment-only store within Manhattan’s New York Jewelers Exchange shopping mall. According to a press release, the name Homer ‘represents carving history into stone’. By capturing his personal mindsets in this way, the artist translates his cultural influence from music to luxury goods.

As the luxury sector continues to diversify, there is growing potential for new tastemakers to add fresh products and perspectives. To discover more ways that the entertainment sector is impacting premium products and marketing, explore Luxtainment.

Strategic opportunity

Luxury brands can build hype – and new legacies – by working with popular cultural voices. Consdier creating a standalone brand or experimenting with collections that have been co-designed by influential personalities

Streaming platform Anghami delivers IRL music venues

SWANA – Providing Middle Eastern audiences with an immersive channel for experiencing music, music streaming platform Anghami is opening a series of Anghami Labs – venues with a lounge, stage and studio where creators can experiment with music inspired by both Arabic and international cultures. Initially launching in Dubai, with plans to open in Riyadh and other cities, music created in the venues will then be available exclusively within the app.

The concept also includes a partnership with hospitality provider Addmind, to offer a fusion of Arabic and international cuisines. Tony Habre, CEO of Addmind, comments: ‘Anghami is more than just a streaming platform, they have elevated the value of the music industry in the Middle East as a whole...’ By engaging audiences through co-created music and foods that borrow from a variety of cultures, Anghami is expanding its reach and appeal to a diverse range of consumers.

While we’ve previously explored the ways that hotels are infusing their services with media and technology, this example further showcases the potential for physical venues to enhance digital-first entertainment.

Anghami Lab Concept in partnership with Addmind, SWANA

Strategic opportunity

Digital services from film and tv platforms can be translated into IRL experiences. Explore partnerships with hospitality providers to create immersive and sensorial experiences that celebrate creative talent, while offering a memorable event

Stat: Young UK workers feel less resilient than pre-pandemic

PHYD and Il Prisma, Italy PHYD and Il Prisma, Italy

With the global pandemic having taken a toll on the physical and mental health of many employees, there is growing concern about people’s lack of resilience in relation to returning to office environments. According to research by Lime Insurance, young people’s mental health has been the most affected.

The research reveals that, in the UK, young people have struggled the most with the pandemic – with 43% of women and 49% of men aged 16–24 saying they feel less resilient now than they did before the pandemic. Overall, just over a quarter (26%) of respondents say they don’t think they’re coping at work, while just over a third (34%) feel the same way about everyday life.

To better support people in this new working world, employers are increasingly providing flexible hours, integrating long-term remote working, and office environments that bolster a sense of resilience.

Strategic opportunity

Companies should integrate wellbeing tools into their daily operations to support the different needs of employees. Consider working with health professionals to gain an outside perspective on how best to support your teams

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