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A celebratory LGBT+ travel campaign, conversation cards to instigate Black familial wellbeing and food remains a wallet priority among US teens.

Orbitz champions confident LGBT+ travel

Travel As You Are by Orbitz

US – Travel platform Orbitz is expanding its inclusivity efforts with a campaign designed to inspire LGBT+ consumers to travel on their own terms – and confidently.

The campaign, Travel As You Are, includes a short brand film and a dedicated microsite spotlighting LGBT+ friendly travel destinations. Created in partnership with creative agency Laundry Service, the film features an all-LGBT+ cast and includes real couples and friends enjoying a range of travel experiences.

Beyond this visual message, Travel As You Are encourages people to ‘stay where you’re celebrated, not just tolerated’, and features a range of content exploring LGBT+ travel. The initiative follows Orbitz’s recent partnership with the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA). John Tanzella, president and CEO of IGLTA said: ‘Now more than ever, our industry needs to step up its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and help rebuild travel in a way that makes everyone feel invited to explore the world.’

As the travel sector re-opens, brands have an opportunity to create safer, more inclusive options for LGBT+ travellers.

A design-led wellbeing kit for Black families

Balm by Cynthia Voza Lusilu Balm by Cynthia Voza Lusilu
Balm by Cynthia Voza Lusilu Balm by Cynthia Voza Lusilu

London – Designer Cynthia Voza Lusilus is exploring how design can promote conversation and action relating to wellbeing and spirituality among Black families.

Created as part of the London Design Museum’s Designers in Residence programme, which centres on the theme of care, the project takes the form of a care package for Black families living in southeast London. It includes conversational cards to stimulate meaningful and honest discussions about wellbeing and mental health, and a journal for capturing thoughts. Each card is based on a particular theme, such as ancestry, spirituality or belonging. The project is linked to a digital platform, Black Alliance for Lewisham Minds (BALM), which will launch later this year.

The work comes as part of a collaborative effort with mental health professionals, urban planners and Black residents living in the borough of Lewisham, to improve wellbeing in Black communities. ‘My design project offers, above all, a way for neighbours and community members to get together and practise active listening,' says Cynthia Voza Lusilus.

Moving beyond individual needs, modern-day care and wellbeing demands solutions that also cater for the collective needs of families and neighourhoods.

Selfridges highlights the healing power of nature

Min Hyun-Woo for Good Nature by Selfridges, UK Min Hyun-Woo for Good Nature by Selfridges, UK

UK – Department store Selfridges is exploring the power of nature and escapism in its latest series of retail programming – encouraging customers to embrace the great outdoors.

The London retailer’s year-long activation, Good Nature, will focus on the sense of pleasure that can be found in the living world. Taking inspiration from the respite many people have found by spending time outside during the pandemic, the thematic campaign will celebrate nature via in-store experiences and seasonal window displays. As part of the initiative, Selfridges has introduced a podcast, The Pleasure Series, which provides inspiration for connecting with nature, from ‘how to’ guides to meditation experiences.

This 12-month marketing approach represents a move away from fashion and luxury retail's convention of working in line with the seasonal fashion calendar. ‘Good Nature will set the tone for the year, which is a feeling of optimism and positivity in anticipation of a time of restoration, when we can reconnect with customers and communities,’ says Hannah Emslie, creative director at Selfridges.

Through this initiative, Selfridges is leaning into the Pleasure Revolution, recognising the growing consumer mindset for unapologetic enjoyment.

Stat: Food captures the heart and spend of US teens

by CHLOE., New York by CHLOE., New York

American teenagers are prioritising spending on food brands, with the sector a key preference for Generation Z according to a report by Piper Sandler.

The study, which examines the mindsets, spending behaviour and lifestyle preferences of Gen Z in the US, finds that food spending among this group has risen to account for a 23% share of total spending, up from 21% in autumn 2020. Their highest-favoured food outlet is Chick-Fil-A, followed by Starbucks and Chipotle. Among plant-based brands, Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are teens' joint top choices.

Another area of the research identifies the social media preferences of Gen Z, revealing that Snapchat is teens’ favourite platform (31%), followed by TikTok (30%) and Instagram (24%). This presents food brands with an opportunity to connect with consumers through engaging social media initiatives.

For more on the influence of social media platforms on the food and drink sector, discover our TikTok Tastes microtrend.

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