Are our laundry habits killing the planet?

19 : 06 : 2017 Fashion : Sustainability : Technology

In a bid to address the widespread use of dated and damaging laundry habits, eco-conscious luxury brands are educating their customers on the benefits of prolonging the life of clothing.

Care Label Project by AEG and Not Just a Label, Global
Care Label Project by AEG and Not Just a Label, Global
How to Care for Your Tailoring by Stella McCartney and Clevercare, Global

With laundry accounting for one-quarter of the carbon footprint of clothing, according to Stella McCartney’s Clevercare initiative, there is an increasing need to encourage sustainable garment care among consumers after purchase.

Fashion platform Not Just a Label recently worked with appliance manufacturer AEG on the Care Label Project, an awareness campaign that aims to reduce the environmental impact of washing clothes. A new Don’t Overwash care label has been added to 18,200 garments in an effort to challenge the dated laundry habits that many consumers adopt. According to AEG, 70% of consumers inherit their laundry habits from their parents, and are unaware that both washing machine and material technology have changed.

The Big Picture

  • According to The Future Laboratory 2016 Luxury Index, 40% of Stage One luxurians believe that in 10 years, luxury will be defined by longevity.
  • For more on how luxury brands are encouraging sustainable garment care among consumers, read our Conscious Aftercare microtrend.
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