E28 Reboot by Euphebe, New York E28 Reboot by Euphebe, New York
E28 Reboot by Euphebe, New York E28 Reboot by Euphebe, New York
Habit, San Francisco Habit, San Francisco
Habit, San Francisco Habit, San Francisco

Should doctors be prescribing food?

12 : 06 : 2017 Food : Wellness : Health

Global – Fuelled by the backlash against clean eating, digitally savvy consumers are turning to reputable, medically assured sources to help them make more enlightened food choices.

In line with Upstream Wellness, which examined the use of technology to prevent future health problems, consumers are now using food in the same way by upstreaming their eating habits.

Across the Western world, malnutrition is on the rise, with 44% of the countries affected by poor nutrition also suffering from high levels of obesity, according to the 2016 Global Nutrition Report. Aware of these health risks, consumers are seeking on-demand services that combine convenience with nutritional value.

‘It is finally being recognised that nutrition is a very important factor in our health, and so the preventative healthcare industry will continue to grow,’ says Nadja Pinnavaia, founder and CEO of Euphebe, a food-for-health brand rather than a weight loss programme.

Euphebe provides a meal delivery service, E28 Reboot, which supplies subscribers with 28 days’ worth of pre-portioned meals alongside nutritional coaching to break the fast food cycle and ensure fundamental changes in food behaviour.

The Big Picture

For more on how brands are redefining nutrition as a driver for preventative health, read our Upstream Eating microtrend.

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