Sekforde, London Sekforde, London
Sekforde, London Sekforde, London
Sekforde, London Sekforde, London

Sekforde’s botanical mixers enhance whisky and rum

02 : 06 : 2017 Drinks : Wellness : Packaging

London – The carbonated drinks feature fruit-based flavours alongside more unusual ingredients such as rosemary and sage.

Designed to be paired with rum, whisky or gin, the range comprises three carbonated mixers that each feature a different combination of botanical ingredients that help to enhance the flavour of the spirit they are added to. While gin typically features a mix of botanical ingredients, Sekforde’s range of mixers enable consumers to experience a new way of drinking rum and whisky.

‘We have always loved whisky and rum, but get got frustrated when they are paired with cola or ginger beer, which are very sugary and mask the taste of the spirit,’ says founder Talula White. ‘It was definitely limiting how often we enjoyed the spirits, so we wanted to create mixers that were designed to complement them, allowing the flavours to come through.’

Tapping into the wellness phenomenon, the botanical ingredients are blended with spring water, and the mixers contain just under 50% less sugar than regular mixers, do not feature artificial flavourings, preservatives, sweeteners or quinine – the bitter flavouring typically used in tonic water.

The Big Picture

  • Consumers are increasingly knowledgeable about premium spirits and looking for bespoke mixers with augmented flavour profiles. For more see our Tonic & Tonic microtrend
  • Brands are looking to move premium, niche spirits into the mainstream
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