No 1 Rosemary Water, London No 1 Rosemary Water, London
No 1 Rosemary Water, London No 1 Rosemary Water, London
No 1 Rosemary Water, London No 1 Rosemary Water, London

Healing herb

21 : 03 : 2017 Food & Drink : Medicinal : Italy

London – No 1 Rosemary Water is a new spring water tonic that makes use of rosemary’s medicinal properties.

  • Made with pure fresh rosemary extract, the water is inspired by the Mediterranean diet
  • Research indicates that some of the botanical extracts in rosemary act as a memory aid

No 1 Rosemary Water is inspired by the village of Acciaroli, in the southern Italian province of Salerno, where the local cuisine contains a high concentration of rosemary.

Within the village, more than one in 10 residents live to 100 years old and rates of Alzheimer’s, arthritis and cataracts are extremely low among the elderly population, which inspired the brand’s founder, David Spencer-Percival, to create spring water that incorporates botanical extracts taken from the rosemary plant.

The compounds rosmarinic acid and eucalyptol (1,8 cineol), both of which are included in the drink, have been proven to assist in memory performance, while recent research suggests that glucosamine helps to combat arthritis. ‘Our goal was to get the plant’s unique and extraordinary health benefits into an enjoyable beverage you could drink every day,’ says Spencer-Percival.

The Big Picture

As the wellness industry continues to thrive, brands are taking inspiration from ancient diets and tailoring the ingredients to modern palates. For more, see our Ancient Appetites microtrend.

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