TT Liquor, London TT Liquor, London
TT Liquor, London TT Liquor, London
TT Liquor, London TT Liquor, London
TT Liquor, London TT Liquor, London

Liquor stash

09 : 03 : 2017 TT Liquor : Cocktail Futures : London

London – New cocktail bar TT Liquor enables patrons to buy and store bottles of high-quality alcohol to drink at a later date.

  • ‘Bottle keep’ is common practice in a variety of drinking establishments in Japan, from informal izakayas to high-end hotel bars
  • The bar features a tasting room that celebrates the history of cocktails

Located in the heart of London’s East End, TT Liquor comprises a bar, shop and tasting room spread across three floors. The ground-floor shop boasts more than 1,000 different liquors stacked on tall shelves, which guests can sample at a reduced rate at the bar downstairs.

Visitors are encouraged to keep a personal drinks cabinet at the bar as part of its bottle keep policy. The Japanese practice is becoming increasingly popular in drinking establishments around the world, including at The Flatiron Room in New York. Patrons at TT Liquor hire deposit boxes and store bottles of premium alcohol inside to be consumed at a later date, encouraging repeat custom.

Upstairs, guests can experience the TT Liquor tasting room, which offers a menu of drink journeys that explore an important period in the history of cocktails.

The Big Picture

Connoisseurship is entering the mainstream as consumer demand for refined, sophisticated drinking and eating experiences rises. Purchase our Food & Drink Futures Report 2016 to find out more.

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