Black Friday Alfresco

31 : 10 : 2016 Brandstanding : REI : Recreational Equipment Inc.

US – Outdoor clothing company Recreational Equipment Inc (REI) is to encourage people to venture outside on Black Friday.

  • For the #OptOutside programme, which was launched in 2015, the retailer will once again close all of its stores on Black Friday
  • In this next iteration of the scheme the brand will work with a host of stores to try and turn it into a Thanksgiving tradition
#OptOutside 2016 by REI, US #OptOutside 2016 by REI, US
#OptOutside 2016 by REI, US #OptOutside 2016 by REI, US
#OptOutside 2016 by REI, US #OptOutside 2016 by REI, US

Since 2015 REI has attracted support across the public and private sectors for its Opt Outdoors campaign, with national parks, schools, Google and Upworthy among the names that have signed up to take part.

Consumers will be able to use the company’s website to locate outdoor activities near them as an alternative to the sales, while brands will run schemes to facilitate getting people outside. The car dealership Subaru, for example, will provide cars for pet owners in New York to transport them into the countryside.

Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, according to REI, so the brand hopes the campaign will motivate consumers to get out more throughout the year.

The Big Picture

In line with our Righteous Retail microtrend, brands are foregoing profit margins during busy retail periods in order to stand up for what they believe in. By relaunching the campaign for the second year running, REI is demonstrating that it was not merely a one-off marketing stunt.

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