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One X Sensor, US One X Sensor, US
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19 : 10 : 2016 The Optimised Self : One X Sensor : One X

US – The One X Sensor is a gadget that monitors health through non-invasive skin samples.

  • The health tracker beams light into a user’s skin to measure levels of carotenoid, a type of antioxidant
  • Carotenoids give pigment to plants, so when you eat produce the carotenoids end up in a person’s skin tissue

Holding the One X Sensor for 20 seconds enables users to ascertain the healthiness of their lifestyle by measuring their antioxidant levels. The device works on the premise that antioxidant molecules absorb blue light. It uses low-level blue LED sensors to measure light penetration and feeds back how much is present in the skin.

Antioxidant levels in the body are affected by diet, alcohol consumption, physical activity, stress levels and sleep. The One X Sensor is paired with an app that collates the collected data to enable users to monitor their skin health on a daily basis and adjust their lifestyle accordingly.

‘A low to average score can be a wake-up call for someone to change his or her lifestyle habits, realising that his or her lifestyle is not as healthy as he or she might think,’ Anthony Weil, founder of One X, told Fast Company.

The Big Picture

While the technology behind One X is not new, the price point is now much more accessible. As we continue our search for The Optimised Self, consumers are demanding better data feedback that will enable them to take control of their bodies.

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