Meet the Disruptors: Vollebak

20 : 09 : 2016 Global Futures Forum : Vollebak : Disruptors

London – Experimental adventure brand Vollebak is among the top 20 disruptors to feature at our Global Futures Forum.

  • Vollebak creates sportswear that maximises athletes’ mental resilience as well as their physical performance
  • It combines insights from physiology, neuroscience, conceptual art and material technology
Vollebak, London Vollebak, London
Vollebak, London Vollebak, London
Vollebak, London Vollebak, London
Vollebak, London Vollebak, London

Created by twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball, Vollebak was inspired by the founders’ own experience as adventure athletes who have done everything from ultra-marathons to desert races. They wanted to create a sportswear brand that not only kept an athlete at their optimal temperature but also catered for the emotional environment of an athlete, such as pre-event nerves.

At our Global Futures Forum, they will present their first two products, the Baker Miller Pink hoodie and the Condition Black jacket, which are each designed to combat different sensory environments. The Baker Miller Pink hoodie is designed to calm an athlete’s nerves pre-performance while the Condition Black jacket is designed to sharpen the wearer’s attention and perception in high-alert life and death moments.

The Big Picture

For more details on the Global Futures Forum and a full itinerary of the keynote speeches, insight presentations and strategic workshops available to attendees, visit the Global Futures Forum site.

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