Elderbrook Drinks, UK Elderbrook Drinks, UK
Elderbrook Drinks, UK Elderbrook Drinks, UK
Elderbrook Drinks, UK Elderbrook Drinks, UK
Elderbrook Drinks, UK Elderbrook Drinks, UK

Not another diet drink

05 : 09 : 2016 Elderbrook : Food Futures : Sugar-free

UK – Start-up Elderbrook is to launch a healthier alternative to alcohol that appeals to grown-ups.

  • Elderbrook comes in nine unusual flavours sweetened with stevia and coconut nectar
  • The colourful branding is a comprehensive amalgamation of three designers’ work

A new drinks start-up is bringing an adult sense of fun to the non-alcoholic drinks market. The sugar-free cordials are made from all-natural ingredients and sweetened with the natural sugar substitute stevia and coconut water.

The cordials will only be available online as part of a flexible subscription service. Customers can personalise their order to suit their needs in order to promote a more personal relationship between consumer and retailer. 'Our direct-to-consumer approach means we can provide a great customer experience,' David Folkman, co-founder, told LS: N. 'It's very hard to match this level of experience if our drinks were sitting on the shelves of a big supermarket.'

The bold branding is an amalgamation of work by three international graphic designers. It combines images of oversized fruit with leisure pursuits such as swimming to create a feeling of sophisticated indulgence. The taglines negate rather than affirm what the product is in order to suggest rather than define its purpose. An example is ‘Not in a carton. Not a bendy straw. Not with a kid’s meal’.

The Big Picture

As consumers become more health-conscious, the trend is growing for brands to tap into the non-alcoholic drinks market to provide healthy alternatives to alcohol. Read more about the Future of Soft Drinks and buy tickets to our forthcoming Food and Drink Futures Forum here.

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