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08 : 02 : 2016 Cakewalk : Step Counter : Twitter

Global – Forget going to bootcamp, mobile app Cakewalk wants people to get fit by taking orders from a sarcastic piece of birthday cake.

  • Cakewalk has taken a less serious approach to fitness with branding that will appeal to Generation Z
  • It is integrated with Apple’s Health app, available on iPhone and Apple Watch, to keep a daily step count
Cakewalk App, Global Cakewalk App, Global
Cakewalk App, Global Cakewalk App, Global
Cakewalk App, Global Cakewalk App, Global

Cakewalk keeps track of its users’ daily activity and dishes out the witticisms if they fail to meet their targets. Users are also connected to their Twitter profile for public shaming as motivation.

If users walk less than half of their daily step goals, Cakewalk will force them to complete a 24-hour fitness challenge – think star jumps or press-ups. If they fail to complete that challenge then Cakewalk will tweet them its disapproval, shaming them in front of friends, family and followers.

The app introduces an extra layer of competition by publishing a daily leader board between friends and strangers. So far, it is integrated with Apple products only, but its developers say they expect it to work with Fitbit in the near future.

The Big Picture

Developers are using smartphone features such as geo-location, augmented reality and fitness-tracking to gamify getting healthy. Watch our interview with design studio PAN founder Sam Hill for more.

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