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25 : 12 : 2015 Nuori : Optimised Self : Wellbeing

London – LS:N Global’s beauty brand wouldn’t be about chasing perfection, but about encouraging personal optimisation. Blending the best of science with more holistic treatments, we would help our customers embrace not only their physical, but also their emotional, wellbeing.

The Lab with Lightning + Kinglyface for Laboratory Perfumes The Lab with Lightning + Kinglyface for Laboratory Perfumes
Born and Made microsite by Carol's Daughter Born and Made microsite by Carol's Daughter
Nuori Nuori
Beauty Library designed by Nendo for Natures Way, Tokyo Beauty Library designed by Nendo for Natures Way, Tokyo
Loli Beauty for Urban Outfitters Loli Beauty for Urban Outfitters

We would practise Whole-system Beauty, creating super-functional products with high environmental standards. Natural credentials would be important to our brand, but we would find new ways to sustainably source ingredients using the latest bio-technology. To keep our products fresh we would create them in small batches like Nuori and we would empower our consumers to become kitchen alchemists by blending their own ingredients with a subscription service such as Loli.

Inspired by Glossier, we would celebrate Real Talk and create an edited line of products for the networked Millennial who is bored by perfection and wants a product line that complements her, rather than covers her up. Our range would protect from urban pollution, extreme weather and high-energy visible (HEV) rays emitted by digital screens such as the new line from Make Beauty.

Molecular personalisation through DNA testing would allow us to produce beauty and wellbeing products that are tailored to individual genetic coding. As well as personalising products we would use this data to create nutraceutical cocktails in-store, which would offer beauty benefits as well as elevating the mood like Dr Smood.

Inclusive tailoring would be a key cornerstone of our brand and we would create an advertising campaign such as that by Carol’s Daughter that embraces the multicultural marketplace. We would ensure our cosmetics line has a range of shades to cater for all skin types and our haircare line would promote natural curls.

And finally, we would open a health and wellbeing hub where consumers could learn about ingredients as well as get makeovers such as you would find in the Beauty Library in Tokyo

If LS:N Global made… 2015 is a series of reports reflecting the LS:N Global team’s pick of the best innovations of the year, and those that will be most relevant for consumers in the coming year.

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