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23 : 11 : 2015 Fabian Zeijler : Momentum : Air Quality

Eindhoven – Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Fabian Zeijler has created a series of elegant air quality monitors that double as objets d’art.

  • Poor ventilation and contamination are the most common causes of health problems including fatigue, says Zeijler
  • ‘Momentum is a tool for people who want a better insight into their home’s air quality’ – Fabian Zeijler
Purificatum by Fabien Zeijler, Eindhoven
Purificatum by Fabien Zeijler, Eindhoven
Momentum by Fabien Zeijler, Eindhoven Momentum by Fabien Zeijler, Eindhoven
Momentum by Fabien Zeijler, Eindhoven Momentum by Fabien Zeijler, Eindhoven

For his graduation thesis Zeijler designed two devices: Momentum, for monitoring domestic air quality – humidity, ventilation and particulate matter – and Pūrificātum, a minimalist, yet commanding air purifier. The smaller Momentum device comes in three designs, each reflecting the contaminant it detects, including a water droplet shape for humidity and a matte black disc for particulate matter.

When any device detects a drop in air quality it subtly draws attention to the fact by rotating, prompting the owner to open a window or evaporate water to solve low humidity. Pūrificātum is a personal air filter that tackles the problem of particulate matter by providing a clean flow of air in wide, open spaces.

The Big Picture

Optimisers want complete control over their personal space, whether at home or in the office. As air quality in urban spaces worsens the number of consumer devices and apps dedicated to improving it is rising.

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