A cocktail of spices

11 : 03 : 2015 Additions : Cocktail Flavours : Raising The Bar

Seattle – Flavours brand Addition has brought a taste of savoury and spicy to the specialist cocktails market.

  • Products are packaged to appeal to the current bar culture of sophistication and play
  • Items are customisable and can be combined to suit the craft of cocktail-making
Addition drink spices, UK Addition drink spices, UK
Addition drink spices, UK Addition drink spices, UK
Addition drink spices, UK Addition drink spices, UK

Addition’s branding, created by designer Chip Baker, is lean, fun and pharmaceutical, making it well-suited to the kinds of cocktail bar with added-oomph that we have profiled on LS:N Global. The company focuses on its hand-crafted quality and all 25 flavours contain only water, alcohol and the source spice. Founders Matt Hemeyer and Eric Salenski say their aim is to create a spice rack for the cocktail market.

This specialist product line is focused on naturally derived additives that bring a spicy or savoury edge to all types of drinks. The brand’s niche offer includes surprising flavours, including Thai green chilli, curry, tarragon and clove, plus a smoky beer sauce. It is not all aimed at alcoholic cocktails either. The brand recommends cinnamon in cola and rosemary in sparkling water.

The Big Picture: Bring creativity, play and an element of surprise into beverage experiences, as seen in the Raising the Bar microtrend.

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