DRY Cocktail and Pizza, Italy DRY Cocktail and Pizza, Italy
DRY Cocktail and Pizza, Italy DRY Cocktail and Pizza, Italy
DRY Cocktail and Pizza, Italy DRY Cocktail and Pizza, Italy

Keeping it fresh: Restaurant curates ever-changing digital art show

16 : 12 : 2014 Dry Cocktail And Pizza : Dry Restaurant : Milan

Milan – Dry Cocktails & Pizza, a restaurant in the city’s fast-growing foodie destination of Via Solferino, keeps its food and ideas fresh with a continually changing décor.

The concept, imagined by food.different, a collective of chefs, food connoisseurs and designers, takes its name and inspiration from the world of software. The DRY principle, which stands for don’t repeat yourself, is an underlying practice in coding that prevents one piece of poorly written code from being replicated and disrupting other systems.

In a completely different prospect from its Pisacco restaurant, which features a range of artworks, installations and sculptures, food.different has opted for a stripped-back, industrial aesthetic for the interior of Dry. Conceived and developed by Italian architects Vudafieri Saverino, the restaurant is sparsely furnished and acts as a blank canvas for the creative juices of its dedicated art director. 

Rather than feature a fixed décor the ambition is to keep the space feeling new and exciting by commissioning bespoke video art projection pieces that will be as much of a talking point as the cocktail and gourmet pizza combination.

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