Drinking tips: App makes personal beer and wine recommendations

08 : 12 : 2014 Next Glass : App : Predictive Anaylitics

US – A new app makes personalised recommendations when consumers buy beer and wine.

Next Glass App Next Glass App
Next Glass App Next Glass App
Next Glass App Next Glass App

To help shoppers navigate through the hundreds of wines and beers on sale in supermarkets, the Next Glass app lets users scan the label of a bottle of wine or beer with their smartphone and gives them a score out of 100 to indicate how much they will like the product, based on their personal preferences. The app also provides nutritional information including calorie content and sugar levels. 

The makers of Next Glass claim that it can accurately predict what beers and wines an individual user will and won’t like.

Using machines typically associated with DNA and blood testing, the Next Glass team hired a team of scientists to test thousands of samples, and with the application of science and technology, the company has developed a method by which they can predict what tastes individuals will prefer based on data they enter into the app. 

App users can scan products and obtain a rating on behalf of themselves or others who have also signed up so that products can be purchased with the confidence that several people will like it. 

Predictive analytics are increasingly seen in beauty and retail, so it is interesting to see them applied to food and drink. For more insights, read our Big Data Beauty report. 

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