The Sticker UI Book by Killer inc. The Sticker UI Book by Killer inc.
The Sticker UI Book by Killer inc. The Sticker UI Book by Killer inc.

Stuck on you: Sketchbook that helps design user interface systems

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New York – Lisa Frank stickers is a craze that passed us Britons by – think Panini but on acid. But such was its influence in the US that 30 years after it came and went it has inspired the Sticker UI Book, a fun and simple way to design user interfaces from Killer.

Jennifer Williams and Brandy Bora, the design consultants and sticker aficionados behind the Sticker UI Book, believe that by incorporating this fun element along with pre-drawn templates for web, mobile and tablet, the process of designing user interfaces can be made more accessible and simple.

‘We thought stickers would be a fun way of introducing UI elements to people new to UI design,’ Jennifer Williams, co-founder of Killer, tells LS:N Global. ‘For people who are comfortable with UI sketching, the stickers are just a fun way of playing with UI while staying clear and organised with the sketch.’

To attract funding, the designers have set up a Kickstarter page for the sketchbook, which is also an educational tool that enables designers to train with a more authentic, analogue design experience. ‘We believe that sketching is an important communication tool and a vital part of the creative process, but we noticed that some colleagues did not feel confident or empowered to draw out ideas physically, preferring instead to discuss ideas verbally or jump into digital tools early,’ says Williams.

For more on how retro themes are influencing contemporary design directions, read our Netstalgia microtrend.

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