Interactive viewing: Designer makes films more like conversations

24.09.2014 Guillaume Couche : Network Evening : Fables

London – For our Awakening Tech Network Evening, held at The Future Laboratory’s Elder Street office, we invited designer Guillaume Couche to talk to LS:N Global senior journalist Roland Manthorpe about his latest project, Fables.

‘Trying to bring the complexities of conversation to a film’ is how engineer-turned-designer-turned-technology entrepreneur Couche describes his application.

Using eye-tracking software, Couche developed technology that enables different levels of viewer interaction when watching films, from focusing on particular characters to listening to certain conversations. Fables also lets viewers determine story lines based on their preferences, indicated by what their eyes look at on the screen.

‘It will adapt the story to what you have been interested in, trying to catch your attention, reading it and adapting the film according to this,’ Couche told LS:N Global.

Watch our interview with Couche to find out where and how he sees his technology being applied. 

For more on Awakening Tech, watch our preview video and for tickets to LS:N Global’s Autumn/Winter 2014 Trend Briefing, visit The Future Laboratory’s Eventbrite page. 

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