Sweet dreams: A hotel fit for Willy Wonka

23 : 07 : 2014 Adelphi Hotel : Dessert Hotel : Dessert Restaurant

Melbourne – Walk into the Adelphi Hotel and you’ll notice a certain sweetness in the air. Perhaps it’s the smells wafting in from the hotel’s dessert restaurant, or perhaps it’s from the jars of free sweets on the reception table. For sweetness is in the DNA of Australia’s only dessert hotel.

Adelphi Hotel Adelphi Hotel
Adelphi Hotel, Australia Adelphi Hotel, Australia
Adelphi Hotel Adelphi Hotel
Adelphi Hotel Adelphi Hotel

The Adelphi was Melbourne’s first boutique hotel when it opened in 1993, but new owners have completely revamped the interiors, and the concept, to create a topsy-turvy world of colour, pattern and sugar. The interiors are filled with swirl-print rugs, like cake batter being mixed. At check-in, guests receive a spoon and a candy-cane coloured straw – all the better to enjoy the free sweet treats that await them in their rooms.

The restaurant, Om Nom, run by head chef Christy Tania, former Ritz-Carlton Paris pastry chef, is a dessert bar with avant-garde sweet dishes and a small selection of savoury ones. This is sweet-tooth hospitality both in food and design. 

Dessert is being given a high-minded makeover. For more, read our Seed on the Parisian dessert restaurant Dessance

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