Shared skies: Lamps connect people across the globe

30 : 06 : 2014 Fauna Fetish : Lighting : Fabrica

Treviso, Italy – Patch of Sky is a series of ambient lamps that enable people to share the colour of the sky above them with loved ones far away.

Patch of Sky by Fabrica Patch of Sky by Fabrica
Patch of Sky by Fabrica Patch of Sky by Fabrica
Patch of Sky by Fabrica Patch of Sky by Fabrica

The prototype lamps were created by Benetton Group communication research centre Fabrica. The three lamps use Arduino technology and Berg Cloud, a cloud service for the Internet of Things, to connect to the web. 

Users connect their Facebook page to this technology, which then allows the Arduino computer to gather local information to determine the weather in that location. The lamp then changes colours based on the colour of the sky, for instance turning a pulsating blue for rain and a hazy red signifying hot. 

For more on how designers are looking to reconnect with nature through interior and lighting design, see the Nature Mimic section of our Fauna Fetish design direction.

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