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In pursuit: Magazine explores the power of happiness

24 : 06 : 2014 Magazine : Happiness : Barcelona

Barcelona – Perdiz is an independent magazine that doesn't focus on fashion or design, art or science, but on happiness, what makes people happy and why.

Perdiz is not a prescriptive magazine per se. It doesn't pretend to know what makes others happy and doesn't tell readers what they need to do to add happiness to their lives. What it does is to share positive vibes. Its tagline is 'happiness is contagious'. The pages brim with optimism, filled with profiles and essays on topics as diverse as a man's love of tying shoelaces to the undeniable fun of karaoke, even for the darkest of cynics. 

'We don’t tell our readers what they should do to be happy. We simply explain what makes others happy and satisfied with their lives,' Marta Puigdemasa, Perdiz's founding editor tells LS:N Global. 'We aim to inspire people, and to make them understand that happiness is not an unachievable goal. You only have to find your own way to reach it.'

In The Polarity Paradox, consumers are constantly searching for content with meaning. Perdiz enables them to get lost in other people's small happy moments, to understand and possibly spread that optimism. 

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