Food for thought: Sensory lollipops mix taste and vision

14.09.2008 Sensory Lollipops : Brain Frequencies : Culinary Technology

Sensory food that taps into the brain’s frequencies could change our ideas of brain food and culinary technology, as we explored in our recent Food Futures report. A new lollipop concept called Eye Candy mixes sensations of flavour and vision, thanks to the vibrating receptors on the lolly’s surface that stimulate the visual functions of the brain.

Sucking the high-tech candy creates vibrations on the tongue, which translate to the frequencies the eye uses to communicate with the brain. This induces a mind-stimulating experience where the brain is fed information that it can read as images. Eye Candy is available in six flavours with different effects, such as meditation and focusing.

The concept demonstrates how food can become much more than just a taste and texture, but a medium in which to interact with our emotions and thought.

For more information on The Future Laboratory’s Food Futures report, contact [email protected].

Eye Candy Eye Candy
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