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ASB Glass Floor ASB Glass Floor

LED flooring could give retail a brighter future

20 : 01 : 2013 LED : Flooring : Retail

Bavaria – German company ASB has unveiled ASB GlassFloor, which features embedded LEDs that can manipulate lines and images on the surface.

The flooring is made of one-way translucent glass on an aluminium sub-structure. The result is a flexible, elastic surface comparable to regular sports flooring. Burned-in dots provide added friction.

The LEDs mean the floor can be adapted to different sports with different lines and boundaries, and the surface can also be turned into a big screen. ASB suggests that the initial investment in the flooring could be recouped by charging fees for displaying advertising. The floor could also theoretically support interactive ads.

ASB believes the flooring has applications beyond its original use in athletics. These include ‘hotel lobbies with gigantic logos that change colour, information counters from where directions can be displayed under the floor, and directions for emergency exits that only appear in case of an emergency’, according to the company.

Innovations such as the GlassFloor could be used in stores to combat retail boredom and provide tailored experiences for customers who otherwise might shop online. Read our Tomorrow Store macrotrend for more on the stores of the future.